Monday, March 2, 2015

Springtime Branches

Cherry blossoms by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

Here's a fun project to bring springtime into your home. A few simple paper blossoms added to real branches are a nice eye-catching display.  My family all did a double-take and had to check this out more closely to see if they were real!

All of the details (including a tutorial) are over on the Silhouette America blog {here}.

Friday, February 27, 2015

You Put the Happily in My Ever After

You Put the Happily in My Ever After | Card by Kelly Wayment 

I made this card for my hubby for Valentine's Day this year and then forgot to share it! I love how this 5" x 7" card turned out. The phrase is from one of my favorite word-art designers, Kolette Hall, and you can find it as design ID #54422 in the Silhouette design store or included in an SVG set here.

This is a layered phrase, so you can cut the whole phrase at once from one color, or you can cut selected parts. I cut the whole phrase out of silver printable foil, then just the word "happily" with printable gold foil to place perfectly on top of the silver layer.

Because of the printable coating on the foil, I didn't want to use any kind of transfer tape that might pull off the thin top layer.  Instead, I cut the phrase again out of a piece of scrap paper that I laid down on my card temporarily to help me position my foil letters.  The foil is quite thick, so it holds its shape while moving the pieces around. (In contrast to vinyl, which goes all floppy if you try to move a whole welded word without transfer tape.)  The foil is self adhesive, so it's just like working with firm foil stickers.

Happily in My Ever After Card | detail

The foil cuts so beautifully, so even my tiny little word "the" was cut perfectly.  I added a rhinestone to dot the "i" and included this tiny little envelope with a heart cutout to hold it closed.  (There's even a tiny little letter inside.)

I hope you enjoyed this card!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Camera Pop-Up Card

Camera pop up card by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

Here's a fun card to give to grandparents to show off a little photo of their grandkids. I've got details over on the Silhouette America blog today (along with another use for the PixScan™ mat).

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Many Thanks | Flap Card

Many Thanks Arrow Flap Card by Kelly Wayment 

Here's a little card I whipped up for a friend. As an experienced card maker I don't typically use card kits in the Silhouette design store, but this arrow stamp flap card by Kolette Hall just called my name.

The card is a flat piece of A2 grey paper, but the white postage-stamp cutout has a flap that lifts to reveal your note.

Many Thanks Flap Card_side

I tried something new and cut this many thanks sentiment out of printable clear sticker paper, then colored it with a blue Spectrum Noir alcohol marker.

Clear sticker paper_color with marker

It wasn't exactly the perfect shade of blue, but when I laid it on top of the yellow background it turned just the right shade of blue-green to match my pattern paper. Lucky me!

Many Thanks Flap Card_flat

I think I'll be coloring more clear sticker cutouts in the future. I just love the sheer look, and the clear sticker paper is nice and sturdy so it's easy to get clean intricate cuts. (And it's self adhesive. Always a bonus!)

Many Thanks Flap Card_detail

Designs Used: 
A2 arrow stamp flap card (#64396) by Kolette Hall
Thank you layered sentiments (#58317) by Kolette Hall

Monday, February 9, 2015

Life is Like a Camera

Life is Like a Camera - Flocked Heat Transfer by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

This is my latest wall hanging made with flocked heat transfer material in multiple colors.  You can read more details on the Silhouette America blog {here}.

I plan on writing a more in-depth tutorial soon, because this was quite a large project.  The finished size is 16" x 20".

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine Collection Boxes

Aquarium Valentine Collection Box

Gumball Valentine Collection Box

I spent today helping my daughters make their valentine collection boxes for school this upcoming week.  Both girls knew exactly what they wanted, so I just helped them fill in the details with my Silhouette CAMEO.

My older daughter (6th grade) wanted an aquarium to match the fish valentines she'll be giving out this year.  She had her box ready and her own fish cut out, and when she started asking me about wrapping the box with blue paper, we got to work.

The blue is some shiny wrapping paper I love for wrapping gifts.  She picked out some designs from my Studio Library, which I cut out of various colors of adhesive cardstock and basically created stickers for her to place wherever she wanted.  We added the black strip at the top with more adhesive cardstock to finish off the aquarium look.

Aquarium Valentine Collection Box_side view

Once my younger daughter saw what her sister's box looked like, she decided to enlist my help to spiff up her box, as well.  She's in 3rd grade, and her theme was "Give me Candy."  (She had it written all over a cereal box, multiple times.)  We went with that theme, and I found a cute gumball machine in my Library of designs.

Instead of cutting out all those little gumballs individually, I turned them into a print & cut.  The individual tags on the sign are print & cut, as well.  The rest of the gumball machine is made from adhesive cardstock and a little silver printable foil.  I love all these materials that are self-adhesive!

Valentine Collection Box_side view

Now they are ready for their Valentine's Day parties at the end of the week!

Designs Used:
Underwater scene (#30279 in the Silhouette design store)
Underwater scene (#30395)
Pet fish set (#9740)
Gumball machine (#72072)
Directional wooden sign (#16472)
Splendid font (#70505)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Baby Girl Onesies | Heat Transfer Tutorial

Baby girl DIY onesies_heat transfer tutorial

I have just fallen in love with heat transfer material all over again!

Not because I was procrastinating, but because I have been so busy (ahem)...I waited until the day of a baby shower to start on my gift.  I got up early and went out shopping for onesies, pants, and embellishing materials.

Baby girl DIY onesies tutorial

Then I came home and started making things up.  I had done a little research (รก la Pinterest) and decided I wanted to make a cute necklace onesie, so that's where I started.  Out of the heat transfer colors I had on hand, I decided silver would be the color for my necklace "beads."  That way it would go with both the pants in the set I had purchased, which were grey and bright peach.

I picked up some pre-made sheer flower-petal trim out of a softer shade of peach (from Jo-Ann Fabrics) so I could make some feminine flowers quickly.  (I can make flowers like these with my CAMEO, but this saved a lot of time.)  For the fabric flowers, I layered the flower trim and hand-stitched it with needle and thread.  I added one to a baby headband I made and saved another for the onesie.

Baby headband fabric flower

Now for the heat transfer.  It is so easy to cut and use.  You just have to remember to flip your design to a mirror image, because you'll be cutting the back side of the material.

I designed a necklace in Silhouette Studio with some partial ovals and my Rhinestone Tool (in Studio Designer Edition).  Here is the necklace cut file (for Silhouette Studio).  You're welcome.  :)

When your design is ready to cut, be sure to set your Cut Settings to the correct heat transfer material.  The smooth setting is best for smooth (regular) heat transfer.  The flocked setting is best for flocked or glitter heat transfer.  All three are wonderful. ♥

You can use a cutting mat to load the heat transfer into your Silhouette machine, or you can just load it straight from the roll or the sheet.  The blade settings remain the same either way.  If you load it without a mat, make sure to adjust your rollers so the material is securely between both white roller wheels.

The clear side goes down, the dull side faces up.  The clear side will become your transfer tape once you've weeded away the excess material.  The clear backing is sticky so it holds on to the heat transfer, which is not sticky on its own.  The heat transfer has to be activated by heat to get it to stick to anything.

Once you've cut the design, use a hook tool to weed away the excess material.  I actually like weeding heat transfer more than adhesive vinyl, because it isn't sticky and won't attach itself to unwanted parts of your design by accident.  ...Not that that's ever happened to me. ;)

Heat Transfer Tutorial_necklace weeding

If you've got text, it will still be in reverse until you flip it over to apply it to your fabric.

Heat Transfer Tutorial by Kelly Wayment

To apply it to your fabric, you just put it shiny-side up, sticky side against the fabric.  Then iron.

Heat Transfer Tutorial_necklace

Some tips for ironing:
  • I usually iron straight onto the clear backing, but it's a good idea to start out with something between your heat transfer and your iron like a thin cloth, a piece of paper, parchment paper (not waxed paper or freezer paper).  
  • Flocked heat transfer takes longer to adhere than smooth because it's thicker.  
  • Press and hold, then lift, to move your iron around; rubbing back and forth can cause your design to move out of place by accident.

Note: It's also a good idea to wash and dry any clothing first to remove any fabric softeners, and do not add any fabric softeners or dryer sheets when washing/drying.  This can prevent the transfer material from adhering to the fabric.

Once the design is stuck to your fabric, peel away and discard the clear transfer backing.  For the necklace design, I stitched the flower to the onesie with needle and thread to give it that extra fancy element.  Fancy Nancy would be so proud of me!  And don't forget the matching headband!

Baby necklace onesie 2

Baby necklace onesie 1

Time was almost up at this point, but the heat transfer is so fast that I just picked two adorable designs in the Silhouette design store and cut them with my CAMEO to apply to my remaining two white onesies.  The teal color is smooth, and the grey is flocked.

Heat Transfer Baby Onesies_Sugar & Spice

Sweet baby onesie_flocked heat transfer

Ooh, baby, she's going to be adorable wearing these!  (I had to tell the mom-to-be that I made these, because I don't think she could tell.  They turned out too well. ;)  )

Heat Transfer Baby Onesies_Sugar & Spice 2

Heat Transfer Baby Onesies Tutorial

So are you ready to try heat transfer material yet?  I didn't plan this, but there happens to be a sale on heat transfer in the Silhouette store until Feb. 20th, 2015.  A little enabling here...  Use the code PIXSCAN to get 35% off all heat transfer.

If you have questions about using it, please ask!  I don't use it as often as I work with paper, but I pretty much love it every single time.

Designs Used:
Phrase: little girls (Silhouette Design ID #4801)
"Sweet" outline word (Silhouette Design ID #15550)
Necklace for onesie (my design)