Thursday, May 28, 2015

Coming Soon: Silhouette Lessons

Coming Soon FindingTimeToCreate

That's right, I said it. I've been creating a new website so I can have more control over the site layout, and I will be filling it with Silhouette lessons for you! The lessons will be thorough, so beginners (and also long-time Silhouette Studio users) will be able to learn the software I love so much. The lessons will be completely free.

I'll be working with Silhouette Studio version 3, so if you haven't upgraded yet from version 2, now is the time. I will cover both the Designer Edition and the Basic Edition.

I will redirect this current blog over to my new site, so if all goes well you will still have access to all my posts and tutorials from the past 4.5 years, along with new blog posts. If you have subscribed here by email, it should continue on as well.

So no, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I'm still here and hard at work recording video lessons and designing a beautiful new site from scratch. It really is quite time-consuming, so I appreciate your patience with my lack of current project posts.

I hope to launch within a week or two, just in time to celebrate my 40th birthday. :)

Questions? Comments? Requests? Please let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Numbered Grandchildren Shirts

Numbered Shirts for Grandma_Heat Transfer Vinyl

My mother-in-law had an excellent Mother's Day this year. Her daughter got all of us moms together to make a photo album for Grandma with a two-page spread from each grandchild with his/her picture and what they love about her. The book was amazing, but we also had all the grandchildren numbered in age order on the back of red T-shirts. I added the numbers with heat transfer material to each shirt.

Yes, I ironed on 6" tall numbers with white glitter heat transfer material to every one of these red shirts. It turned out so well, I'm glad I spent the time on these 14 shirts! I designed them in Silhouette Studio with Sweet Pea font, and cut them out from two rolls of white glitter heat transfer with my Silhouette CAMEO.

Numbered Shirts for Grandma

I also cut a little "I ♥ Grandma" for a cute accent on the front of each shirt. It started out as my test-cut item to make sure I had my settings correct, but in the end I packed 14 of them in between the numbers to get all the use out of my heat transfer that I possibly could.

I Heart Grandma 1

I Heart Grandma 2

When the kids were ready to present Grandma's book to her, we lined them up in order and they marched up to her door, all wearing their matching shirts. It was excellent!

More technical details:

In case you're interested in tackling a large project like this, here are a few more details. It took about 54" of 9"-wide heat transfer material to do these 14 numbers in the Sweet Pea font. The numbers are rotated and tightly nestled together so I could fit as many on as I possibly could. I had originally planned to make them about 4" tall and that would have fit on a single 36" roll. These 6" numbers are huge and bold, which is really impressive.

Here's a screen shot of my first 36" roll. I cut the remaining four numbers on a second roll. Note that the numbers are reversed, because that's how heat transfer must be cut. You can also see the little "I ♥ Grandma" placed multiple times, each within its own rectangle. The rectangle makes it easier to weed each tiny phrase.

Heat Transfer numbers ready to cut

I weeded the excess heat transfer material from each rectangle and then pulled the rest off, leaving the numbers (and tiny words) behind on the sticky backing. Then I simply used scissors to cut apart all the pieces so they could be ironed on to their individual shirts.

As far as time, it depends on your skill level. I've done enough heat transfer to consider myself adequate. It's generally a pretty fast process: design, cut, weed, iron. When you multiply that for 14 shirts, that equates into several hours. I designed everything ahead of time, then was able to cut, weed, and apply in one day. (That includes a couple of hiccups along the way.) Total time spent was probably 20+ minutes per shirt.

This was such a fun project. Great for the benefit of grandparents, for family reunions, or for any big family get-together. They will all be wearing their shirts again on the 4th of July this year!

Numbered Shirts for Grandma_Heat Transfer Vinyl 2

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Teen Birthday Card

Card (age 15) by Kelly Wayment 

I made this card for a family friend who just turned 15. This was a really fast project with red and white adhesive cardstock and a few rhinestones.

Look carefully and you can see I cut the numbers 1-14 out of white adhesive cardstock with my Silhouette CAMEO and applied it onto a white card base. I love white on white. I used multiple fonts and sizes, and rotated them to add a little whimsy.

The red is also cut from adhesive cardstock (strawberry) with the font Sweet Pea.

I added a few metallic rhinestones with my rhinestone setter because the card was for a teen girl. Everything looks better with a little bling, don't you think?

Age 15 Card | FindingTime To Create

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trek Bucket Vinyl Art

Trek Bucket Vinyl Art - left view

My oldest son has the privilege of going on an LDS Trek this summer, where he will join with about 200 youth ages 14-18 to reenact four days of the Mormon Handcart Pioneers' journey to the Salt Lake Valley.  This is a big deal, and the youth here only do it once every four years.

Our stake was granted permission to use this amazing silhouette image of a pioneer family pushing a handcart, and I got permission to use it to apply it in vinyl to my son's 5-gallon bucket.  The kids each get a bucket to act as a suitcase and a seat (they make padded seat covers for it). We get to decorate it as we choose. I chose vinyl, of course.

Trek Bucket Vinyl Art - right view

Because the original image was a black & white silhouette image, this made it extremely easy to trace in Silhouette Studio to assign cut lines.  I had to make it quite large to fit the bucket and to retain the tiny details.  The hardest part was not weeding away all the tiny inner voids, but in leaving the tiny unconnected black areas behind.

See the flag and the scarf and the artist's signature in the lower right corner? But I did get those bits to stay, and I think it turned out wonderfully! I love vinyl. :)

Trek Bucket Vinyl Art - detail

My son is so excited to go, and I'm excited for the experience he will have. There will be no phones, no electronic devices, no treats, etc. They will actually be pushing handcarts. This is going to be as authentic as they can make it while still keeping the kids safe.

We read about my great great grandfather, Jacob Bastian, who was a Dutch pioneer who traveled with his wife by handcart from Iowa to Utah in 1857. This ancestor's experience was amazing and heartbreaking, and we're happy my son gets to have just a little taste of this adventure.

The vinyl was fun to do, but I kind of wish I could go, too.

Trek Bucket Vinyl Art - center view

Friday, May 8, 2015

Silly-Face Soda with Vinyl

Silly-Face Soda made with Vinyl_Finding Time To Create

Need a quick and easy child's gift? My daughter needed an auction item for school, so I grabbed a 2-liter bottle of soda pop and created a face in vinyl.

Her class earns fake money for completed assignments, good behavior, good scores, etc. Once a month they get to bring an auction item (limited to $1-2) to sell, and they get to spend their hard-earned money during the auction on what they would like. The better the item they bring, the bigger profit they get from selling it.

Treats and drinks are always a big hit with third graders, as you can imagine, so this time I decided to dress up the bottle a bit. I removed the outer label, cut out the face from this cute monster in vinyl from white, black, pink, and teal with my Silhouette CAMEO, and applied it in layers to the bottle.

She had the cutest bottle of soda there, and she said kids were laughing out loud at the silly face. I'd say that was a success.  It's so fun to dress up something a little ordinary and make it more exciting with the help of my CAMEO.

Design Used:
Cute Monster (#48449)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day Card

Mothers Day Card with Watercolor and Foil by Kelly Wayment

I have loved the recent trend in cards and scrapbook pages with watercolors. I decided to add a little watercolor to my Mother's Day card this year.

I just grabbed a few watercolor pencils in my mom's favorite colors (nothing fancy--these are Crayola watercolor pencils), scribbled on some watercolor paper, then used a water brush (could also use a plain paintbrush dipped in water) to blend and smooth the colors.

The other trend I like: foil! I have been tempted to try all the new foil techniques and products released earlier this year, but then I remembered that I already have plenty of luscious foil ready to cut with my Silhouette Cameo. It's sticky on the back, so all you do is cut, weed away the excess, and apply it to the project.  No heat, no mess, no other tools or supplies except your cutter.

Mothers Day Card with Foil and Watercolor by Kelly Wayment

This is the silver printable foil by Silhouette. You can print on it, but I rarely do. It also comes in gold, which I use even more often than the silver. I guess if I want other colors of foil and a smoother texture on my project I'll have to try the other foil products out there, but for now this gives me all the shimmer and shine I want!

I hope this gives you a good last-minute idea for a Mother's Day card if you're running out of time like I am.  (My mom told me all she wants is a card telling her how wonderful she is. Done!)

One last note. This is the font Sweet Pea, which is one of my new favorite fonts (and is free for personal use). I italicized it just a bit with my Shear Tool in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. I don't use that tool often, but it's great for a faux italic when the font doesn't have an italic option.

I hope you have an excellent Mother's Day this year, whether you are a mom or other influence in a child's life. I've decided this year to write a note to each of my children telling them why I'm glad I'm their mom; that way I can focus on that instead of why they act their age and behave normally although what I really want for Mother's Day is to have peace and harmony at home the whole day. ♥

Monday, April 20, 2015

Grandma Album Assembly Tutorial

As Mother's Day quickly approaches, I've decided to briefly revisit this Grandma Album that has been by far my most-popular project ever.

Grandma Album Assembly Tutorial


First, here are some download links for freebies to create this album from a pre-made file. Choose the one that best meets your cutting capabilities:

Grandma album cut file (in Silhouette Studio format for Silhouette Portrait or CAMEO)
Grandma album 12x12 cut file (in Silhouette Studio format, optimized for Silhouette CAMEO and 12x12" paper and chipboard)
Grandma album cut file in SVG format (resize all together proportionately so the letter height is about 4" tall for all the letters and the longest letter (A) is about 8.5" wide)
Grandma album PDF to print file (to cut with scissors or craft knife)


Here is how to cut and assemble this album. The finished album is about 4" tall and 8.5" wide.

1- Cut all the letters once from chipboard. I love the Silhouette 12x12" chipboard because it's so smooth and easy to cut with my CAMEO, but it will all be covered so you can cut it from any thin chipboard. You can use cereal boxes, packaging inserts from scrapbook paper or photo enlargements, etc.

Grandma Album Assembly - chipboard layer

2- Cut each letter front from pattern paper. Choose papers that coordinate, but select alternating contrasting colors (dark vs. light) so the letters will stand out from each other.

Grandma Album Assembly - colored front layer

3- Cut all the letters in reverse from pattern paper. You can choose a different paper for each letter, but I think it's simpler to have all the back sides matching.

Grandma Album Assembly - colored back layer

4- You should now have three layers for each letter. A top paper layer, a chipboard layer, and a reverse paper layer for the back.

Grandma Album Assembly - 3 layers

5- Now just start adhering the correct front and back paper layer to each chipboard letter. You can use any glue you like. I used my Scotch Advanced Tape Glider (ATG) this time around. It's easiest to start with the largest letter and work your way to the smallest. Make sure you focus more on lining up the letter-portion of the page than the flat end.

Grandma Album Assembly - letter with 3 layers

6- Once all your letters are covered front and back, you are ready to add photos and any other embellishments you like!

Grandma Album Assembly - letters ready for photos and embellishments

And just because I love my CAMEO so much and was able to get the letters to cut so precisely, I have to include some detail shots.

Grandma Album Assembly - layers detail 1

Grandma Album Assembly - layers detail 2


As you can see, I haven't added any binding yet in these photos. You have several options for binding.  If you have a personal binding machine like a Cinch or a Bind it All, those will work. If not, you can often get it punched and bound at a local copy shop with little plastic bindings as seen in my original album (below). Another simple option is to use a hole punch to add 2-3 holes in each page and add loose binder rings.

Create Your Own Word as an Album:

If you are feeling ambitious and want to create your own word album that says something other than grandma, you can see this tutorial I made for designing an album from scratch in Silhouette Studio. Just be warned that it uses an older version of Studio that will look a little different from the current version.

And here is the link for a tutorial to design your own word album and print it to cut with scissors for non-Silhouette owners (again, slightly outdated so let me know if you get totally lost).


Here are a few more versions. The bottom two are my original albums from 2008 for my own mom and my mother-in-law. You can see I simply added small photos, rub-on quotes, flowers, and ribbon.

Grandma Album for Mothers Day or Grandparents Day



I hope you have fun making this album! Please let me know if you have questions.