Wednesday, September 24, 2014

3D Haunted House

Haunted House by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

I made a new haunted house for our Halloween decor this year! More pictures and details are over on the Silhouette America blog {here}, and I'll post more assembly tips here on my blog next week.

Friday, September 19, 2014

School Tissue Box

Tissue Box with Wrapped Chipboard Accents by Kelly W for Silhouette 
I had my kids help me decorate their classroom tissue boxes this year.  I cut out chipboard shapes with my Silhouette CAMEO and let the kids wrap them with colored twine so we could add them as decorative elements to the boxes.  I've got more details on the Silhouette America blog (in the kids crafts section).

I'll have another post soon with the other tissue boxes we made.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Minnie Mouse Shirt

Heat Transfer Vinyl Minnie Wild Style

While back-to-school shopping, my little girl who loves bright and flamboyant clothing saw a fancy Minnie Mouse shirt that she loved.  Too pricey.  But nearby were some inexpensive, plain but bright pink shirts. I knew I had all the materials (and my Silhouette Cameo) at home to jazz it up and make a similar design, so we went with the cheap shirt and made it fancy.

Minnie's head was easy to draw with three circles, and then I used my Modify tools with a generic bow and this zebra lace to create a zebra-striped bow.  I used the font Allura with a small offset for the phrase she loved so much.

A little heat transfer material and fabric ink later, and we had a cute little shirt that my daughter is so happy to wear.  We could have spent a few more dollars for the original shirt, but this was much more fun!  (And my daughter loves to tell her friends her mom decorated a fancy shirt just for her.)

While I was cutting heat transfer with my Cameo, I cut a few extra stars with the glitter white heat transfer material and added them to a plain shirt for my other daughter, too.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Stars

Silhouette Shapes Used:
Zebra Lace #5419
Photo booth prop accessories #43331
Stars #63953

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Student Owl Card

Student Card with PNC Tutorial by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

I made this card using Silhouette's free shape of the week. Go grab the free shape {HERE} and check out my blog post with a print & cut tutorial on the Silhouette Blog {HERE}.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Framed Fall Flowers

Flowers in Advent Frame by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

Hello friends!  I used my Silhouette advent calendar frame to hold this batch of paper flowers I made with my Silhouette CAMEO.  All the details and links are on the Silhouette blog {here}, along with a tutorial on using the Nesting Tool which was released with Silhouette Studio version 3.  Please go visit and take a moment to comment here or there, if you feel like it.  :)

P.S.  You can get all these flowers in a bundle price {here} for a limited time, and there's free shipping on the advent calendars (U.S. and Canada) until August 31st (any order over $25).

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Chevron Birthday Cards

Chevron Birthday Card Set - Finding Time To Create

I made this rainbow-colored set of chevron birthday cards for the young women in our neighborhood. The chevron square background is my own design, but the cute little sketched flags are in the Silhouette online store, all ready to be sketched and cut.

Originally I had started a tutorial on sketch pens to fill the page with different sketch colors, but then Studio version 3 was released and the instructions for sketching multiple colors changed. For the better! So let me give you the new, shorter tutorial for sketch pens in multiple colors using Studio version 3.

1- Using the desired sketch sentiment tag, replicate the tag to fill the page. Ungroup the words from the tags.

2- Leaving the tag line color red, change the line color (Line Color Window) of the text inside to as many colors as you want. Keep in mind you’ll be manually swapping out the sketch pen for each color change. I always change my line color to represent the color of sketch pen I will use.

ss_line colors

3- In the Cut Settings Window, check the box for Advanced and select the Line Color option.

4- Choose Silhouette Sketch Pen as the media type for each color except red. For only the red line color (your tag outline), choose Cardstock or whatever paper type you are cutting.

5- Place your line colors in the order you want to change pen colors by dragging them up or down in the Cut Order section (the top color cuts first). I used my line colors on the page as a reference and worked left to right, top to bottom (e.g. blue, brown, teal, grey, etc.).

6- Right click on each color in the Cut Order section and choose Add Pause. (No need to add a pause after the final cut.)

ss_sketch pen color order with pauses

7- Click Send to Silhouette. Now your machine will cut/sketch in the order listed on the right. It will pause after each color, which allows you to swap out pen colors while the paper stays loaded and in position.

8- Click Resume Cutting (not Start) when you’ve switched the pen color and you’re ready to continue sketching with the next color. After all the text has been sketched, switch to your blade for the final cut.

Sketch in multiple colors

I added some rhinestones to each card and curled the tag a little before gluing it on. I love making sets in rainbow colors!

Chevron Birthday Card - red

Chevron Birthday Card - orange

Chevron Birthday Card - yellow

Chevron Birthday Card - green

Chevron Birthday Card - blue

Chevron Birthday Card - purple

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you found this sketch tutorial helpful!

Chevron Birthday Card Set _ Finding Time To Create

 Shapes Used:
3 sketch sentiments (#47424) by Lori Whitlock
Chevron square block is my own design, but it is comparable to Chevron card (#19178) by Alaa' K and to Chevron lace background single fold square card (#37034) by Jamie Koay

{Tutorial uses Silhouette Studio 3.1.417, Designer Edition} 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Princess Purses {Guest Designer}

I'm back on the Imaginisce Blog today showing a couple more projects I created with the Little Princess collection.  I made paper purses for my daughters.  Click here to go to the blog post which includes links to these pretty Silhouette cutting files.

And here's a view of all four of the projects I made as a guest designer for Imaginisce.  If you missed my first guest post, you can find it here on the Imaginisce blog.

I had a great time playing with these Imaginisce products, and my girls have definitely loved their little gifts. Sometimes all it takes is paper to make a girl happy!