Friday, August 22, 2014

Framed Fall Flowers

Flowers in Advent Frame by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

Hello friends!  I used my Silhouette advent calendar frame to hold this batch of paper flowers I made with my Silhouette CAMEO.  All the details and links are on the Silhouette blog {here}, along with a tutorial on using the Nesting Tool which was released with Silhouette Studio version 3.  Please go visit and take a moment to comment here or there, if you feel like it.  :)

P.S.  You can get all these flowers in a bundle price {here} for a limited time, and there's free shipping on the advent calendars (U.S. and Canada) until August 31st (any order over $25).

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Chevron Birthday Cards

Chevron Birthday Card Set - Finding Time To Create

I made this rainbow-colored set of chevron birthday cards for the young women in our neighborhood. The chevron square background is my own design, but the cute little sketched flags are in the Silhouette online store, all ready to be sketched and cut.

Originally I had started a tutorial on sketch pens to fill the page with different sketch colors, but then Studio version 3 was released and the instructions for sketching multiple colors changed. For the better! So let me give you the new, shorter tutorial for sketch pens in multiple colors using Studio version 3.

1- Using the desired sketch sentiment tag, replicate the tag to fill the page. Ungroup the words from the tags.

2- Leaving the tag line color red, change the line color (Line Color Window) of the text inside to as many colors as you want. Keep in mind you’ll be manually swapping out the sketch pen for each color change. I always change my line color to represent the color of sketch pen I will use.

ss_line colors

3- In the Cut Settings Window, check the box for Advanced and select the Line Color option.

4- Choose Silhouette Sketch Pen as the media type for each color except red. For only the red line color (your tag outline), choose Cardstock or whatever paper type you are cutting.

5- Place your line colors in the order you want to change pen colors by dragging them up or down in the Cut Order section (the top color cuts first). I used my line colors on the page as a reference and worked left to right, top to bottom (e.g. blue, brown, teal, grey, etc.).

6- Right click on each color in the Cut Order section and choose Add Pause. (No need to add a pause after the final cut.)

ss_sketch pen color order with pauses

7- Click Send to Silhouette. Now your machine will cut/sketch in the order listed on the right. It will pause after each color, which allows you to swap out pen colors while the paper stays loaded and in position.

8- Click Resume Cutting (not Start) when you’ve switched the pen color and you’re ready to continue sketching with the next color. After all the text has been sketched, switch to your blade for the final cut.

Sketch in multiple colors

I added some rhinestones to each card and curled the tag a little before gluing it on. I love making sets in rainbow colors!

Chevron Birthday Card - red

Chevron Birthday Card - orange

Chevron Birthday Card - yellow

Chevron Birthday Card - green

Chevron Birthday Card - blue

Chevron Birthday Card - purple

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you found this sketch tutorial helpful!

Chevron Birthday Card Set _ Finding Time To Create

 Shapes Used:
3 sketch sentiments (#47424) by Lori Whitlock
Chevron square block is my own design, but it is comparable to Chevron card (#19178) by Alaa' K and to Chevron lace background single fold square card (#37034) by Jamie Koay

{Tutorial uses Silhouette Studio 3.1.417, Designer Edition} 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Princess Purses {Guest Designer}

I'm back on the Imaginisce Blog today showing a couple more projects I created with the Little Princess collection.  I made paper purses for my daughters.  Click here to go to the blog post which includes links to these pretty Silhouette cutting files.

And here's a view of all four of the projects I made as a guest designer for Imaginisce.  If you missed my first guest post, you can find it here on the Imaginisce blog.

I had a great time playing with these Imaginisce products, and my girls have definitely loved their little gifts. Sometimes all it takes is paper to make a girl happy!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lunch Box Notes

School Lunch Notes by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

I made a set of notes and envelopes to have ready to write on and toss into my kids' lunches this school year.  (Actually, I threw in some generic feminine cards with vellum envelopes, too.)  The more I have ready, the easier it is to send out little pick-me-ups.

Business card decorations with vellum envelopes

Go check out all the details in my post on the Silhouette America blog today!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Little Princess Projects {Guest Designer}

I'm so excited I was asked to be a guest designer for Imaginisce this month!  They sent me all the goodies from their Little Princess collection and let me play with them however I wanted.  Two of the projects are featured on their blog today, and two more will appear next Friday.

Of course I used my Silhouette Cameo to make all of my projects.  Head over to the Imaginisce blog to see all the details (including links to the cutting files).

Here is a peak at the tissue box I made for my girls' room:

Tissue Box by Kelly Wayment

Tissue Box by Kelly Wayment_view 2

And a sticky-note cover with decorated notes inside:

Sticky Note Cover by Kelly Wayment

Thanks for visiting!  (Check out the full post over on the Imaginisce blog.)

Rhinestone Owl Shirt

Rhinestone Owl Shirt by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

I've got another owl shirt tutorial up on the Silhouette America blog today.  This time it's a rhinestone owl shirt for daughter #2.  She helped me position all the rhinestones in the right place (we used four colors).  All the details are over HERE on the Silhouette blog.

Don't these sisters look cute sporting their DIY-decorated owl shirts?  In case you missed my tutorial for using stencil vinyl and fabric inks for this other owl, you can find it HERE.

Owl Shirts DIY 1

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stuffed Owl Pillow

OK folks, my Silhouette CAMEO has once again broadened my craft interests.  My daughter wanted an owl-themed birthday party, which we did.  I had purchased a yard of owl fabric to make some kind of pillow for her, and though time was running out I decided to quickly make the owl whose picture is featured on the Silhouette sewable fabric interfacing.  I've had the cutting file in my Silhouette Studio library for years.

Here is how it turned out.

Stuffed owl by Kelly Wayment Finding Time To Create

I do not typically sew, so I can say this project is perfectly suitable for a novice sewer like me.  I mostly followed the directions in this Silhouette tutorial, but here are a few things I did that are worth mentioning:

  • I resized all the pieces larger so the owl body would fit nicely on my large 12" CAMEO mat.  (Actually, since you have to cut two of the body, I put them on my extra large 12 x 24" CAMEO mat.  I don't use it often, but since I have one it has come in handy.)  Bigger is better, right?  I made the eyes a bit bigger than the original design, too.
  • When cutting fabric with interfacing, I always group the objects to be cut from the same fabric and position them fairly close together, then draw a rectangle around those objects.  I use the Scale Window to size that rectangle to the nearest 1/2" up for easy measuring.  This is exactly the size I cut my interfacing for those pieces.
  • I also turn off the cut line for that rectangle in the Cut Settings Window so the machine only cuts the shapes inside, and not around the border.  Group the shapes with their guide rectangle.

screen shot_rectangle around objects to cut together

  • Once I cut the interfacing to the size of my guide rectangle (usually with a rotary cutter and straight edge guide), I iron the interfacing to the back side of the fabric (the fabric should be slightly bigger).  Then it's simple to trim the excess fabric around the interfacing with scissors, and now it matches exactly what I have on my screen.
  • I position my guide rectangle and shapes on my on-screen mat, then peel the backing off the interfacing and place my fabric exactly the same place on my mat to match my screen.
  • I have found that a new blade or a dedicated fabric blade is definitely best to use when cutting fabric and interfacing.  I also like to use a very sticky mat that has only been used lightly.  (I keep a dedicated mat for fabric.)  Bits of interfacing often want to stay behind on the sticky mat, but that's a lesser evil compared to getting cuts that aren't as clean.
  • I tried cutting felt with the interfacing, but did not feel it worked well.  I put my blade on a 10 and set it to double cut, but it didn't cut all the way through.  I only used it for circles and a triangle, so it was easy to finish the cut with scissors.  The felt also was too thick to iron on the pieces before sewing (it prevented the heat from getting through to the interfacing).  I was worried about melting (burning?) the felt. I pinned the felt pieces in place to sew around them.
  • As in the Silhouette tutorial, I ironed all the pieces except the hearts and felt in place on the front side of the owl body.  Be sure to place a scrap of interfacing backing under the owl body when ironing the decorative pieces in place and let it cool before moving.  (Shiny side of the backing towards the interfacing.)
  • I then stitched everything in place with my sewing machine (including individually tacking down each heart).  Then I put the front and back sides of the owl body together (interfacing-side out), pinned it, and tried to sew my 1/4" seam.  It wouldn't work!  The interfacing was too grippy for my machine foot to move along it.  My solution (as suggested by my brilliant husband who does sew) was to spray a bit of silicone spray onto my machine and to the interfacing-side of the fabric.  That did the trick!  It glided along, slick as can be.

stuffed owl_detail

stuffed owl_back
(Back view)

Another Silhouette success story!  I think I'll be trying a few more of the fabric patterns in the Silhouette online store.

I've got some more posts coming to show how I used my CAMEO for a couple of birthday parties.  Seriously, I do so many projects with my CAMEO that I would never attempt without it.  Now I can add sewing patterns to the list.  Hopefully my tips will help you if you've never tried fabric and sewable interfacing in your Silhouette machine.

Questions?  Please ask me.

Shape used:  Owl fabric sewing pattern (#15972)